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Unlike other bot platforms which charges you based on your number of subscribers, we have a simplified pricing at only $30 per month to use our full featured Pro Account and you can grow your subscribers to the Moon as we allow Unlimited Subscribers. So, you can save a lot of money by using our platform. 

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Chatbot Devt. + Platform

We'll design your AI Chatbot, Intelligent Virtual Assistant, and Ordering Assistant using Elegant Bots' platform.


Build your own AI Chatbot, Intelligent Virtual Assistant, and Ordering Assistant using Elegant Bots' platform.

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Build Chatbots Easily with our User-Friendly Builder ( No Coding Skills Required ) 


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Check our Knowledge Base & how the Preinstalled Template works Here

Video Tutorials also available on Build AI Chatbots Premium Course. 

Put Your Business on Autopilot

“Automate Sales, Marketing, and Support on Messenger.”

Combine Messenger + WhatsApp + Instagram + Webchat + Email + SMS Worldwide

“Connect any channel that you need – we got you covered.”

Maximize Revenues

Automate your Sales & Ordering process with our built-in eCommerce tool.We can set up the bot to process orders only during business hours or 24/7 if your business operates round the clock.

Grow Facebook subscribers

Turn your Post Engagers into Messenger, Email, and SMS Subscribers with Our Comment & Like Tool. Our Bot will Auto-Reply on the Comments and send a message to your prospects’ inbox. 

Get More Qualified Leads

Set up a Click-to-Messenger Ads to bring in more people and let your bot qualify your leads before sending their data to your CRM or Google Sheets.

Automate Support

Set up your FAQs with our built-in AI tool to answer repetitive questions from your customers. Our bot can answer hundreds ( or thousands ) of inquiries simultaneously.

How does it Work?

Connect your Facebook Page

Use Preinstalled template/Build Bot

Generate and save more money

Smart Features:

“And so much more…we’re proud to say that there’s just too many advanced features that a developer can use here to build a smart & intelligent bot.” 

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“And if you want an Intelligent AI Chatbot built for you, we got you covered – you’re in the right place. We’ll not only provide you an excellent development service, but we’ll also give you the best development platform where management of your bot is easy.”

We offer fixed monthly rate for unlimited operations and subscribers.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Elegant Bots is a Chatbot Development Agency with its own Chatbot platform. Yes, you heard it right, we are using our own platform to build bots so we can offer you a better package than other agencies who are just using 3rd party platforms.

Very powerful and flexible. It has a CRM-like dashboard which is very much suitable for any kind of bot, especially eCommerce. It has advanced features and way more powerful than other bot platforms.

Yes, Absolutely! Just connect your page to our platform here and let your developer do his stuff. Once done connecting, you can pay for subscription here

The cost is $30/month with Unlimited Subscribers so you can save a lot of money by using our platform. You can pay here

It’s basically a Built-in Module for eCommerce, Retail Shops, and Restaurants. Your dashboard has a CRM like section where you can fully manage your products, settings, and orders. With the eCommerce module, you can build an eCommerce, a Retail Shop, and a Restaurant Ordering System Fast and Easy. When you connect your page to Elegant Bots, sample products are also available for you to readily test how the module works. You may check for more information Here

We build any kind of chatbot ( for any industry ) but we specialize in eCommerce AI Chatbot. We can customize your bot to tailor-fit your needs. Please Book a Call for a FREE Consultation.

eCommerce AI Chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence that communicates with your clients via Facebook Messenger. Its main goal is to automate your order processing and customer support. With an AI Chatbot, you no longer need to answer repetitive questions and process orders. It responds to your customers instantaneously and allows customers to “Add to Cart” and completes the checkout with an automated shipping/delivery cost.

eCommerce AI Chatbot is for businesses like:

Pizza Delivery Shops
Meat Shops
Coffee Shops
Milktea Shops
Burger Chains
Grocery Stores
eCommerce Stores ( Inventory & Dropshipping )

We need to talk to you over the phone for us to determine the cost of chatbot development for your business. Don’t worry, our rate is very affordable and you can get the best value for your money’s worth.

Note: The cost depends on the number of items in your store and your other requirements. Please Book an Appointment for a FREE CONSULTATION.

It starts with the bot warmly welcoming visitors then guides them through the menu preferences, then let customers add to cart, and Checkout. The bot will not just respond to button clicks but also through keywords. For instance, a user can clear the cart by just typing “Clear Cart”, then the bot clears the cart and redirects the user to start shopping again.

A Preinstalled Template is to help you Get Started intuitively & fast without having to Read much our documentation. It consist of some flows which are readily available on your dashboard when you connect your page to Elegant Bots. You can check for more information Here

It can accept credit/debit card payment inside messenger or a COD option.

No, you don’t need to. The bot runs inside messenger so no need to download a 3rd party app.

Those Food Delivery Apps are 3rd party apps that restaurants are just affiliated to, while eCommerce AI Chatbot will be your own app inside your page messenger – YOU OWN IT!

Yes, aside from its Marketing Power derived from Messenger, you can also send Emails and SMS using your bot. You may also opt to send customer data to your CRM or Email Platform. Moreover, our Multi-Channel Inbox and Telegram integration is a game-changer where possibilities are endless.

Simply Book an Appointment and we’d love to talk with you over the phone for us to know your requirements.

You can head over to our Knowledge Base for tutorials. 

No, you don’t. we want you to test our amazing platform free and no need to put in your card details. You may just connect your page here to get started. 

You’ll pay a one time payment for chatbot development and a monthly subscription to use our platform. If you opt to hire your own chatbot developer, you’ll only pay for the use of our platform where your bot is built and hosted. You can process payment for subscription Here

You may process payment using your Credit/Debit Card and PayPal Here. You may also pay using Wise, Skrill, or Neteller – send payment to Once done with payment, you may chat us to register your bot. 

Yes, Absolutely! We have a ‘Special Program’ where you’re allowed to change connected pages twice per month ( cycle ).So, when your page gets restricted, no worries no money is wasted, you don’t have to pay again to connect another. However, this program does not give you a 14-Day Trial Period.


Unlike other bot platforms which charges you based on your number of subscribers, we have a simplified pricing at only $30 per month to use our full featured Pro Account and you can grow your subscribers to the Moon as we allow Unlimited Subscribers. So, you can save a lot of money by using our platform. Please process a secured payment with 2Checkout to avail our subscription service. When processing a payment, check the “Enable auto-renewal for this order”. You may Cancel your subscription anytime. Click the “GET PRO ACCOUNT” button below to process payment. 

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Build AI Chatbots Fast & Easy with a flexible and Powerful Tool without writing a single line of code!

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